“Strong legs run – so weak legs may walk”

A dire appeal to healthy Americans: Please help us stop persistent inhumane treatment by doctors.

I had share this message because I would cry otherwise and do not have the energy, but you must hear the truth. What you choose to do afterward is out of my control, however all I ask is you try to keep an open mind and heart and please continue reading.

An estimated ONE HUNDRED MILLION Americans, including myself, are being systematically mentally abused and physically tortured — some 10 million patients (a conservative estimate) are simply left to suffer with no care at all. Dramatic? No, yet most of the stories are truly beyond belief. We are in agonizing, debilitating chronic pain. At least a fourth of us live with intractable pain caused by diseases and conditions with no foreseeable cure — NOT something that will heal or improve in a few months, years, or likely ever. We are young, old, sick, and broken. We may even be you.

Being denied our pain medicines has left most of us too weak to stand up for ourselves. No rallies for most of us. We are victims of the government, politicians and agencies like the CDC, DEA, et al.opioid-stigma-1 Please help us to be heard, as we cannot get our plight into the mainstream press. Yours might be the one voice that gets heard. Yet, on every TV show, they have a segment which serves only to amplify the current wave of anti-opiate propaganda coming from the government. Opioid hysteria wrongly and unfairly stigmatizes patients with intractable pain who need these medications to maintain some semblance of a quality of life.

Most people don’t know this until it’s too late: they go to the ER, break a bone, or have surgery and are given a Tylenol for pain.

People need to know, so please read on

The opioid crisis is contrived. The statistics are wrong & the numbers are padded. CDC researchers have publicly admitted the overdose death rates from prescription opioids are inaccurately high. The true number lay at about 15% of the report’s readjusted data (2018, Seth, Rudd, Noonan, and Haegerich). We aren’t junkies or addicts who crave pills, we are patients with valid proof of pain such as MRIs. We hurt and NEED the meds so that we can shower, get dressed, cook and other little things such as kids or work! Right now most of us are again housebound, couch, or bed bound. Many of us with complex spinal cord  have had to re-learn We would rather return to  a useful life than one on disability insurance or destitute because we cannot work. The government is taking away our medicines and our right to some normalcy when the problems lay elsewhere, such as illicitly manufactured fentanyl from China. In the USA we are entering the dark ages of medicine again when medicine was considered heresy, and denied to the masses. Medicine that has been around for thousands of years!

Why is this happening? Among both experts and lay, there’s a logical consensus particular CDC Opioid Commission members have financial ties to business, chiefly within the new detox facility industry. It has been said some politicians are on the Opioid commission, but others are thought to be involved in other areas (chiefly addiction specialists and social policy researchers). Before the commission made its recommendations to the CDC, who published them without fact-checking, people paid for detox out of pocket. They are now pushing for OUR insurance to pay for detoxification, around $40,000 per stay and creating a demand by cutting people off their meds. In lieu of pain medications, which work, doctors are now pushing spinal injections at a cost of $1,000 a pop (no pun intended) done regularly, at the risk of scarring and triggering adhesive arachnoiditis or other problems compounding the original injury. The same can be said for the spinal stimulators that are about $100,000 and all too often do not work according to many recipients, in addition to creating a scar that could run the length of the spine and another cross incision for the battery pack. It also costs more money to have them removed or replaced or the battery changed.

Day 1 of a spinal cord stimulator TRIAL: Patient states, “I feel like I was hit by a Mack Truck.” (Reddit post: r\ChronicPain)

…Now if you do manage to find a clinic to take you as a patient, you also have to take government mandated urine tests regularly, even monthly depending on the clinic. These run about $850 EACH time. This doesn’t include the hundred or so therapies they will also prescribe, providing temporary relief at best — in addition to referrals to interventional pain management physicians for epidural steroid injections, and other testing orders. It’s a bona fide racket.

You might not have pain, but now YOU understand why YOUR insurance premium is so high. Thus we are all miserable and justifiably pissed off. Yes, this many people do have chronic back pain; the causes are much too long to list here. So now, before you are forced to suffer the same indignities we have, you know about the aforementioned prohibition. Tell people! Tell your senators. Write Trump, Sessions, et al. Send this to your local newspaper, copy it and pass it on through social media! Do not let them get away with this. It’s CRUEL, not to mention morally and ethically wrong!

mechanisms of sudden cardiac death in pain patients
Sudden, Unexpected Death in Chronic Pain Patients: Severe pain, independent of medical therapy, may cause sudden, unexpected death. Cardiac arrest is the cause, and practitioners need to know how to spot a high-risk patient. (2012, Forest Tennant, M.D,, DrPH)

Pain can literally kill a person. It wears on the body over time, wreaks havoc on your endocrine system, often resulting in tachycardia and cardiorenal failure, followed quickly by expiration. At best, life expectancy is markedly reduced; without access to medical care, quality of life can be nought (2012, Tennant).


Some courageous doctors care but the DEA is going after some highly reputable, expert physicians in the field of pain management, and achieving their goal of leaving the rest to practice in a state of paranoia and panic. Many physicians are retiring — the stress created by the CDC has even driven some to commit suicide. Many patients cannot deal with the pain and commit suicide.

We can never advocate for a permanent solution to what might be a temporary problem. You are never alone!

Why is this looking more and more like genocide, the group being targeted are not a race but the old, sick, infirm, right here in the USA?


Puja Seth, Rose A. Rudd, Rita K. Noonan, Tamara M. Haegerich, “Quantifying the Epidemic of Prescription Opioid Overdose Deaths”, American Journal of Public Health 108, no. 4 (April 1, 2018): pp. 500-502. DOI: 10.2105/AJPH.2017.304265

Forest Tennant, M.D., DrPH, “Sudden, Unexpected Death in Chronic Pain Patients”, Practical Pain Management September 25, 2012: pp. 1-8.

Start learning more: http://nationalpainreport.com/chronic-pain-and-suicide-8835351.html

Published by The Intractable Pain Collective

Aaron Sells 2018-Present: Founder, Intractable Pain Collective Writer and Political Activist. Freelance math and science tutor: K-12 and college ===== Pittsburg State University - General education requirements; Humanities and Mathematics Writing Intensive (WI) coursework, 1996-1998 University of Kansas - Molecular Biotechnology, B.S., 1999-2001 ===== More about me: After sustaining a catastrophic spinal cord injury requiring emergency surgical decompression on August 12, 2012, I have dedicated most of my time to researching (my) rare and severely painful spinal disease: Chronic Cauda Equina Syndrome (complete) with Neurogenic Bladder and Bowel. I've had three major spine surgeries to date; the last operation in November 2018 only exacerbated my preexisting failed back surgery syndrome (a condition also referred to as post-laminectomy syndrome). I'm an aggressive advocate for individualized, mandatory medical treatment for intractable pain caused by complex, disabling, incurable, and/or terminal diseases. Truth and empirical evidence-based science must inform public policy. The pendulum has swung too far in the other direction, so we need to link arms right now and do everything in our power to end the War on Pain. We must demand the CDC's Opioid Policy Research Advisory Committee testify before a Congressional Hearing. On the heels of thorough criticism from the AMA and, most importantly, in the draft final report of the HHS Pain Task Force Recommendations, a mea culpa in the NEJM is wholly inadequate. We deserve answers for their inhumane, adversarial position against access to effective patient-directed medical treatment focusing on optimizing the quality of life for critically ill and injured patients suffering from intractable pain. ===== Send Secure, Encrypted Messages to: asells@pm.me ===== #DemExit2020 #Medicare4ALL #RentStrike2020 #MortgageStrike2020 #Strike2020

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